Outdoor Sports Festival

OSF Team
September 13, 2014 – September 14, 2014 all-day
Rotary Park & Hickory Point Golf Course
David Shindley

What is Outdoor Sports Festival?

Outdoor Sports Festival is one of 9 state sports competitions. It is the final competition for those participating in Softball, T-Ball and Golf. Young Athletes will have the opportunity to participate in both softball skills and golf skills. Over 600 athletes compete over this weekend and bring the joy of sport to Decatur!


SITE: Rotary Park & Hickory Point Golf Course, Decatur, IL

  • Softball –  Rotary Park
  • T-ball - Rotary Park
  • Golf - Hickory Point Golf Course
  • Young Athletes – Rotary Park / Hickory Point Golf Course


Softball, Softball Skills & T-ball

Softball and T-Ball teams come together from throughout the state for their final games at the Outdoor Sports Festival. All the teams have worked hard to get here, competing in numerous games throughout the year.  In order to advance to the Outdoor Sports Festival teams must win gold at their District Competition. Come on out and cheer them on to victory!

Individual Skills competition will also be offered where individuals will demonstrate their skills in base running, throwing, fielding and hitting. They will be competing against others within divisions for the best scores.

Athletes may compete in Individual Skills competition or Team competition, not both.


Swing into the game with golf at the Outdoor Sports Festival. This represents the final tournament for our golfers as they show off their love of the game and demonstrate the skills they have developed. Athletes may compete in Individual Skills Competition, 3-Hole Competition, 6-Hole Competition or 9-Hole Competition. Athletes may choose 1 event. Athletes/Partners competing in Unified Golf may only compete in Unified Competition.

Competitors are expected to walk during the competition. Request for use of a power cart must be made to the Director of Sports and Competition at the time of the entry deadline. Requests will be handled on an individual basis and proof of medical need will be required from a doctor. Unapproved cart usage will result in disqualification.

If a coach wishes to caddy for their athlete, the may do so; otherwise a caddy will be provided. Caddy assignments will take place during registration at the golf course.

Individual Skills athletes will be showing off their Golf skills in short & long putt, chip shot, pitch shot and iron & wood shot. They will be competing against others within divisions for the best scores.

Tentative Competition Times

All times listed below are tentative and subject to change once event specific schedules are determined. Times only reflect actual competition times and do not include time frames for coach meetings, weigh-in times, etc. For a final schedule please check the Supporting Documents section close to competition day.


  • Saturday, 10am – 4pm
  • Sunday, 8am-4pm


  • Saturday, 9am-3pm
  • Sunday, 9am-2pm

Young Athletes

Young Athletes aged 6 and 7 will be invited to participate and showcase their talent in Decatur!  Young Athletes will have the opportunity to participate in Softball Individual Skills and for the first time Golf Individual Skills.

Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies is always one of the highlights of any Special Olympics Games and the tradition holds steady at the Outdoor Sports Festival. Opening Ceremonies will be held in Central Park in downtown Decatur. There will be entertainment followed by the grand entrance of the Torch Run and lighting of the cauldron. After Opening Ceremonies, the athletes and coaches will parade in a stately march  to the Decatur Civic Center where dinner will be served.

Teams will be able to drop off athletes at Central Park then park at the Civic Center. Drop off begins at 5:45pm and Opening Ceremonies will begin at 6:15pm.


Souvenir items will be sold at both sports venues. Items will include clothing and other traditional souvenir materials. We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

  • Softball – 10am – 4pm Saturday & 9am – 1pm Sunday
  • Golf - 10am – 2pm Saturday
  • Dance - 8pm – 9pm Saturday


FANs would like for you to join the fun! Be a FAN! Stop by the family registration area at either of the competition venues and learn more about Special Olympics Illinois and how you can be a FAN! Hours are as follows:

  • Softball – 9am – 4pm Saturday
  • Golf – 9am – 1pm Saturday

Families are also invited to attend a reception from 7-9pm sponsored by the Family Action Network. The reception will be held at St. Patrick’s Church. Families can enjoy some good times together while the teams eat dinner and enjoy the Victory Dance. A spaghetti dinner will be provided as well as a brief presentation by a guest speaker. The St. Patrick’s Church is located adjacent to the Civic Center on Jackson St.

2014 OSF Family Mailing

Victory Dance

Let’s dance! The dance will take place at the Decatur Civic Center after dinner on Saturday, September 13 from 8-9:30pm. There will be a DJ to play music and plenty of room to dance or sit as needed. You will likely hear both old classics such as the Macarena along with new favorites such as Gangnam Style. Souvenir items can also be purchased at the dance, so make sure to stop by and pick up your OSF memorablia before it’s gone!


In case of inclement weather, schedule changes or cancellations check the website here for updates. You can also call 309-888-2000 Ext. 245

Supporting Documents

2014 OSF Golf Schedule for Sunday, Sept. 14

2014 OSF Hotel List

2014 OSF Coaches Handbook

2014 OSF coaches handbook memo

2014 OSF Agency list with divisions

2014 OSF Golf Schedule

2014 OSF Softball Schedule-revised 9-10-14

2014 OSF Schedule Memo

2014 OSF Menu

2014 OSF Opening Ceremonies Info Parade Directions

2014 OSF List of Athletes Expected to Compete

2014 OSF Family Mailing

2014 OSF Softball Game Brackets RR-revised 9-10-14

2014 OSF Softball Games Bracket SE



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