IDOC Torch of Cash


The Illinois Department of Corrections is partnering with Special Olympics Illinois to host Law Enforcement Torch Run Torch of Cash Raffles at their various facilities.


Illinois Department of Correction facilities interested in hosting a Torch of Cash Raffle must apply for a raffle license at their local city hall. The License should be secured under the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Illinois name, NOT IDOC.  Please contact your local government to determine the steps to acquire a raffle license in your municipality.


Once the raffle license is approved, please follow the below steps when conducting your raffle. Click here to download Steps.


Step 1 – Secure Raffle License

IDOC Liaison must apply and be approved for a Raffle License in the municipality they are hosting the drawing in.  Raffle license should be requested under the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Illinois name. Special Olympics EIN #: 36-2922811 (IRS Letter)


Step 2 – Notify Special Olympics Illinois

IDOC Liaison must complete this online notification form and upload a copy of the approved raffle license. Complete Form


Step 3 – Host Raffle and Submit Funds

IDOC facility will host a weekly raffle until a winner is selected.  Money raised via raffle sales should be submitted to Special Olympics Illinois via a THIS FORM each month.  Please note this is a different form than the Donor Form used to submit LETR funds.  Torch of Cash raffle donations will not be credited to your department total until the conclusion of the raffle.


Step 4 – Update Special Olympics Illinois each week

IDOC facility liaison must update Special Olympics Illinois of the raffle progress each week via this online form.


Step 5 – Select Winner and Follow Payout Policy

Once a winner is selected the following steps must be completed. Please download, complete and return this checklist to Special Olympics Illinois when processing your raffle’s payouts.  (IDOC Torch Of Cash Payout Check List)


Payouts are the amount of money the winner will receive minus the amount of their raffle purchase.  Please allow 30 days from the raffle drawing for payout to be received by the winner


Payouts $600 – $5,000

  • IDOC Liaison to complete and return to Special Olympics Illinois a W-9 for the winner along with total amount won. W-9 should be mailed to Special Olympics Illinois, Attn: Torch Run, 605 East Willow, Normal, IL 61761 within 5 business days of the drawing.
  • The winner will receive a 1099 tax form from Special Olympics Illinois at the end of the year for tax purposes


Payouts greater than $5,000

  • IDOC Liaison to ensure the winner completes a W-2G Form. Please note that the winner’s signature and date is required on the bottom of each page.
  • Winner to keep all copies except for Copy D for Player which IDOC liaison must submit to Special Olympics Illinois within 5 business days of the drawing. You should also include the total amount won.
  • 25% of the winnings will be withheld for tax purposes. Special Olympics Illinois will then issue a check for the remaining funds to the winner within 30 business days of receipt of form.


Complete Online Notification Form Here