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Special Olympics Illinois eSports Summer League
The summer league will range from July 27th through August 14th, playing a variety of games. Click here to register!
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Lives Transformed: Special Olympics Illinois and Family, Changed Together and Forever
“Once you go once, there is no escaping it. You can’t help but get hooked” says Meggan Rogers talking about
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Chicago Ducky Derby
Click to find out more information about the Chicago Ducky Derby!
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Agency Return To Play Information
Starting on July 6th, Special Olympics Illinois Agencies and Athletes have the opportunity to begin organized activities. Click to read
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E-Resources Page
As always, Special Olympics Illinois wants to provide athletes, families, youth leaders, coaches and anyone interested, with opportunities to …
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Unified Champions Schools Impact
Listen to this interview on how impactful Unified Champion Schools has been for these two students, Danny & Charlotte.
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Valid Med App Time Frame Extending to 3 Years
Special Olympics Illinois has extended the time frame for a valid Application for Participation from two to three years…
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2019 Annual Report
Click here to read more about Special Olympics Illinois’ performance in 2019 as an organization.
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Ducks on the Mag Mile
25 giant painted ducks will take to downtown Chicago this Summer.
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