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Athlete Application (Med App)

by Jamie Scovel.

Application for Participation Info (Med App)

In order to be eligible for participation in Special Olympics, every athlete must have a valid Application for Participation (Med App) on file with Special Olympics Illinois prior to the start of training.  Special Olympics Illinois only accepts its own form, forms from other states are not accepted.

The Med App is valid for 3 years from the date of the examination regardless of the parent/guardian/entrant signature date. The Med App cannot be altered in any way (information crossed out, wording added that alters any of the waivers, etc.)

An athlete’s parent/guardian and/or the athlete, if an adult without a guardian, is solely responsible for the accurate completion and timely submission (prior to any relevant deadline*) of the Med App to Special Olympics Illinois.  Please submit completed Med Apps to your agency’s Special Olympics Athletic Director or head coach.  You may also submit a Med App direct to your Region office.

Failure of the athlete to have an accurate, fully completed Med App on file with Special Olympics Illinois prior to any relevant deadline* will result in the athlete being denied participation in Special Olympics Illinois competitions, programs and events.  The Med App must be valid throughout the completion of the competition, program or event.

Special Olympics Illinois strongly suggests that all athletes update their Med App annually during their annual physicals in order to make certain they are able to participate in all Special Olympics Illinois competitions, programs and events.

A parent/guardian has several options to determine a Med App expiration date:

  • Use the Athlete Lookup option below.
  • Contact your agencies Special Olympics Athletic Director or head coach. Special Olympics Illinois provides expiration date information to these individuals on a consistent basis.
  • Contact your Region office to inquire about the expiration date.

*Relevant deadline will most likely be sooner than the Med App expiration date.

Athlete Medical Lookup Tool (Med App)

Special Olympics Illinois always strives to keep up with the latest technology in order to better serve our constituents and provide them with up-to-date information. You can use the below tool to lookup the expiration dates for your athletes’ medical applications. This information will be updated on a weekly basis.

To search when an athlete’s application expires, please enter the exact first and last name and 8-digit date of birth.

Need to download a Med Application? English Medical Application or Spanish Medical Application (Med App).

Athlete Lookup

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by Dave.

We have a variety of materials available to make your Special Olympics experience better. Explore the categories below for information and documents – we’ll be adding more as needed.

About Us
  1. 2019 SOILL Fact Sheet
  2. By The Numbers Fact Sheet
  3. SOILL History – Backgrounder
  4. SOILL History – Milestones
  5. Language Guidelines
  6. Annual Reports / Financial 990s
  7. Region Map
  8. 2019 Board Roster
  9. 2019 Foundation Board Roster
  1. Application For Participation Instructions
  2. Eligibility To Participate
  3. English Med App-20
  4. Spanish Med App-20
  5. Participation By Individuals With Down Syndrome
  6. Athlete Partner Code of Conduct
Athlete Leadership Programs (ALPs)
  1. ALPs Fact Sheet
  2. Global Messenger Flyer
  3. ALPs Interest Form
  4. Global Messenger Request Form
Coach Sports Resources & Rules
  1. 2020 Policies and Procedures
  2. Coaches Training Page
  3. Sports Icons
  4. Athlete Centered Coaching Guide
  5. Special Olympics Sports Sciences
  6. Class A Volunteer Registration
  7. English Med App-20
  8. Spanish Med App-20
  9. Agency Return to Activities Information
  1. Fans Brochure
  2. Family Credential Order Form
Rhythmic Gymnastics Routines & Videos 2016-2023

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Artistic Gymnastics Routines & Videos 2019-2027
  1. Volunteer Code of Conduct
  2. Volunteer Screening Policy
  3. Volunteer Athlete Dating Policy
Young Athletes
  1. Young Athletes Fact Sheet
  2. Transition One Pager
  3. Young Athlete Registration Form – English
  4. Young Athlete Registration Form – Spanish
  5. Brochure – English
  6. Brochure – Spanish
  7. Activity Guide – English
  8. Activity Guide – Spanish
  9. Young Athletes Site Expectations
Additional Resources

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20 Incredible Colleges for Special Needs Students

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HALO at Heartland Community College Learning Opportunities Program

Facts About Down Syndrome

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Initial Reflections From A Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger

by Gina Fasolo.

By Daniel Smrokowski | 2018-2022 Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger, Special Olympics

Two weeks ago, my friends and family at Special Olympics had the privilege of surprising me with BIG news.  In the opening segment of a bonus LIVE podcast we recorded from the Lombard Offices of Special Olympics Illinois, I sit to the left of Director of Communications & Media Relations at Special Olympics Illinois, Alex McMillan, and in front of the red Special Olympics 50th Backdrop, as Alex and Chief Marketing Officer at Special Olympics Illinois, Chris Winston, play the official video announcement from Dr. Timothy Shriver, Chairman of the Board of Special Olympics, selecting me for the prestigious class of 2018-2022 Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger. 

Tim announced me to be selected as a Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger (SSIGM).  I was speechless, for the first time, to be selected for this prestigious position.  I’m grateful and humbled to be selected as 1 of 10 athlete leaders, from a total of 80 of us who all had excellent applications to apply and a total of 5.6 million athletes in 172 countries.  In this 4-year position, I will spread the message of inclusion, the New Special Olympics (SO) Movement, and how every person, regardless of geographical boundaries, can Choose To Include and Join the Inclusion Revolution.

Just as SO is passionate about leading Full Inclusion beyond the playing field.   I’m looking forward to taking my athlete leadership to the next level.  As a SSIGM, I will lead the campaign for a more inclusive and accepting world for my fellow people with intellectual disabilities (ID).  Through my participation and leadership at world, regional, and local events, both internal and external of the SO Movement, I’ll challenge and change the mindset of political leaders, policy-makers, educators, employers, and society. My fellow SSIGM’s in our SO Movement, myself included, are redefining what it means to have intellectual disabilities.  During these next four years, I’ll travel the world reflecting on what it means to have special needs and what that redefinition can man to the mainstream community.

As I’ve been selected as 1 of 10 to become the face of SO globally, it’s a way to signal a shift to my fellow athletes as we are representing the Movement as leaders.  As a SSIGM, I’m very grateful to be part of this new class, 2018-2022, of athlete leaders and give the opportunity to showcase my extraordinary talents as a spokesperson, mostly at World Games, and demonstrate our unconditional love, enthusiasm, joy & determination that anything is possible–on the field and off the  field– when you never ever give up and how when you Choose To Include, the Inclusion Revolution can truly be a way of life.

Follow Daniel’s SSIGM Journey:

Remember #ChooseToInclude:

Watch Daniel’s Reaction Video – Streaming Now and On Demand, Watch on SCTV:

Tune in to this week’s bonus podcast – Streaming Now and On Demand, Listen on Podcasts: 

Diversity and Inclusion Intern

by Jamie Scovel.

This learning opportunity is intended to increase participation of minority groups who are underrepresented in the management of non-profit organizations.


  • Assist the Special Olympics Illinois program with driving diversity and inclusion initiatives through the achievement of specified goals
  • Follow Special Olympics Illinois established policies and procedures
  • Recruit eligible individuals for participation in Special Olympics as athletes and volunteers
  • Promote awareness of individuals with intellectual disabilities and their achievements through public forums


(one – two selected by intern and intern supervisor)

  • Research, secure meetings, and cultivate at least three minority volunteer groups for long-term participation
  • Research and recommend curriculum around best advertising practices targeting diverse populations
  • Research at least three potential speakers, three potential coaches, and at least three diverse athletes to lead a training on the subject of diversity and inclusion
  • Manage a training with above-mentioned speaker(s) at the July 25 – 27, 2017 Organizational Meeting in Normal, IL


  • Must have completed at least four semesters of college or community college courses
  • Experience with Special Olympics and/or therapeutic recreation, parks and recreation, sports management, marketing, event management, publication relations or other closely related field(s)
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Physical mobility required: must be able to climb stairs, assist in set-up and breakdown at events, stand and/or sit for long periods of time, lift items weighing up to 25 pounds, climb stairs to move equipment and load and unload vehicles
  • Extensive computer knowledge with Microsoft operating system and Microsoft applications
  • Ability to commute within Chicago city limits


  • Based in Chicago, IL
  • Approximately 9 hours per week with evenings and weekends as the position demands; overnight and travel required for July meeting in Normal, IL
  • Position may require intern to use school-issued materials, such as computers, library resources and copiers
  • Reports to Assistant Director – Area 3


  • Internship must be taken for a course credit
  • $11/hour
  • Non-exempt, part-time, temporary position with a culminating project and presentation


  • Send cover letter, resume, and references to by February 15, 2017; subject line should include your last name followed by “Diversity and Inclusion Internship Application”
  • Minority applicants are encouraged to apply