Application for Participation Info (Med App)

In order to be eligible for participation in Special Olympics, every athlete must have a valid Application for Participation (Med App) on file with Special Olympics Illinois prior to the start of training.  Special Olympics Illinois only accepts its own form, forms from other states are not accepted.

The Med App is valid for 3 years from the date of the examination regardless of the parent/guardian/entrant signature date. The Med App cannot be altered in any way (information crossed out, wording added that alters any of the waivers, etc.)

An athlete’s parent/guardian and/or the athlete, if an adult without a guardian, is solely responsible for the accurate completion and timely submission (prior to any relevant deadline*) of the Med App to Special Olympics Illinois.  Please submit completed Med Apps to your agency’s Special Olympics Athletic Director or head coach.  You may also submit a Med App direct to your Region office.

Failure of the athlete to have an accurate, fully completed Med App on file with Special Olympics Illinois prior to any relevant deadline* will result in the athlete being denied participation in Special Olympics Illinois competitions, programs and events.  The Med App must be valid throughout the completion of the competition, program or event.

Special Olympics Illinois strongly suggests that all athletes update their Med App annually during their annual physicals in order to make certain they are able to participate in all Special Olympics Illinois competitions, programs and events.

A parent/guardian has several options to determine a Med App expiration date:

*Relevant deadline will most likely be sooner than the Med App expiration date.

Athlete Medical Lookup Tool (Med App)

Special Olympics Illinois always strives to keep up with the latest technology in order to better serve our constituents and provide them with up-to-date information. You can use the below tool to lookup the expiration dates for your athletes’ medical applications. This information will be updated on a weekly basis.

To search when an athlete’s application expires, please enter the exact first and last name and 8-digit date of birth.

Need to download a Med Application? English Medical Application or Spanish Medical Application (Med App).

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