Attend A Competition


Not every athlete has friends or a family cheering them on during competitions. So, imagine the feeling they get when there is suddenly a crowd of supporters behind them. By simply making signs, bringing noisemakers, clapping, whistling, and making up chants, athletes will have the feeling of home-field advantage.

Whether you come alone, with a friend or as a company outing, your applause and encouragement are an important part of our athletes’ experience, and make competitions more fun for everyone involved. So come cheer your heart out!

Fans of all ages are encouraged to support our athletes by cheering them on at state-level, regional, and local competitions all over Illinois, all year round. It's never too early to introduce youth to service-learning initiatives. Cheering on our athletes is a great way to inspire today's youth to become tomorrow's philanthropic leaders. Come cheer at any of our events by choosing a competition from our calendar of events and showing up.

a person in a wheelchair in front of a crowd of people