Young Athletes Spotlight – Shelby Dorrell

Shelby Dorrell has been a Young Athlete for the past 3 years.  She participates with SOAR Young Athletes in Bloomington.  Shelby has an infectious positive attitude you immediately smile for when you see her. Her favorite activity in the program is running!

Shelby Running
Shelby Dorrell, left, runs at the Summer Games.

Shelby took the next step in her Special Olympics career by participating in Summer Games Athletics Exhibition 50-meter run and tennis ball throw. The lessons learned in the Young Athletes Program helped prepare her to execute the skills for these events. Not only have Shelby’s skills continued to develop, but she has also made many new friends with other athletes.

“Special Olympics Young Athletes Program has not only given Shelby a peer support system but, a support system for the entire family,” said Shelby’s mother, Virginia. “From the first event we were a part of, we instantly felt like we belonged.  We have been able to meet so many wonderful families and build invaluable relationships because of Special Olympics.”

When Shelby is not practicing with Young Athletes, she can be found drawing.  She wants to be an artist when she grows up.