Special Chronicles LIVE Podcast: Meet Special Olympics Athlete Leaders!


On Saturday, Dec. 14, five Special Olympics Illinois Global Messengers teamed up with fellow Global Messenger and Podcaster Daniel Smrokowski for two full hours of great humor and fun moments intertwined throughout the episode.

In addition to Grace Seiboldt, Erin Mannix, Keri Winter, Michele Forzley and Matthew Williams, we were also joined by 2012 Special Talents America winner Breanna Bogucki, also known as Breanna Alyssa” who will be trained as a Global Messenger in Spring 2014.  This week’s episode #95 of the Special Chronicles Podcast is 1 hour and 7 minutes and is the first hour of the 2-hour live podcast that was recorded on location from the Compass Church/Touch My Heart’s Christmas Party in Naperville. View photos from podcast.

This live podcast was part of a continuing and ever-growing popular “Meet SO Athlete” series and listeners learn about what disability they were each diagnosed with, how they got started in Special Olympics, what sports they participate in, favorite part of competing, their encouraging words to get others involved in Special Olympics, their start as a Global Messenger, why become a Global Messenger, favorite part of being a Global Messenger and their final thoughts our listeners.

Bogucki also gives us her fresh impressions of appearing on ABC7News while her mom, Mary Ellen, asked her daughter what we should say to encourage someone who is afraid to compete in Special Olympics. Mary Ellen also surprised Smrokowski by asking him how long he has been competing and involved as a Global Messenger.

The episode concluded with Bogucki taking to the microphone and performing her first single, “I Was Born Yesterday,” live on the podcast. Finally, we hear a taped message from Special Olympics International Chairman Tim Shriver in support of Special Chronicles.

Download and Listen to the Live Podcast at: SpecialChronicles.com/Podcast95, with iTunes SpecialChronicles.com/iTunes, or hear us on Stitcher Radio On Demand: SpecialChronicles.com/Stitcher

By Daniel Smrokowski, Special Olympics Athlete/Global Messenger