Young Athletes Spotlight – Bo Gill

Bo GillBo Gill is a caring and lovable 7-year-old from Morton.  He attends Lincoln Elementary and has been participating with Morton School District for the past two years. His favorite activity is the 50-meter run. Really, any time he gets to run, he loves it!

“This program is awesome!” says Christine Bo, Gill’s mother. “We have never been involved with any type of program like this before. To watch Bo at all the different events, be cheered on and accepted by other athletes, peers, volunteers and spectators is incredible. Special Olympics has truly opened our eyes to what Bo is capable of and proven that everyone is important and has a gift to share with the world.”

Bo is a Young Athlete who practices with a traditional agency to participate at state- and Area-level exhibitions for Young Athletes. He has attended Summer Games and Spring Games participating in athletics (tennis ball throw and 50-meter run).

Bo Gill, center, with fellow Young Athletes
Bo Gill, center, with fellow Young Athletes

Bailey Brenner, Manager of the Young Athletes Program says, “Bo is such a pleasure to work with.  At every event, he shows pure athleticism and passion for playing sports.  He does an unbelievable job!”

When Bo isn’t working on his running skills he also likes to play baseball, watch soccer and he loves swimming.  He also started to take golf lessons and has begun training for downhill skiing! Bo has two sisters and a brother and recently became an uncle!

We’re so excited to have such a great Young Athlete and family involved with the Young Athletes Program and can’t wait to see what is in store for him in the future!