SONA Unveils New Quick-Reference Coaching Guide

Special Olympics North America has recently shared its newly completed Quick-Reference Coaching Guide with state programs. This guide is a very tool, based on the Athlete-Centered Coaching Guide and on expanded information in the Coaching Special Olympics Athletes Course.  It is a general guide to coaching adults and children with intellectual disabilities (ID), focusing on some behaviors and characteristics commonly associated with ID.

This succinct booklet can be utilized by parents, siblings, and teachers as well as coaches. It does not deal in labels but in behavior or characteristics. It provides up to five examples of the top strategies to improve learning and performance. This will help a coach be a better coach and provide better opportunities and support to the athletes he/she serves.

It is two full pages which, when folded, has 8 panels of terrific information. Please note: this PDF is designed to print out on letter-size paper to create an 8-page booklet.

Instructions for printing and creating your Quick-Reference coaching booklet:

  1. Under “Pages to Print”, ensure “All” is checked.
  2. Under “Page sizing and Handling”, mark “Fit.”
  3. In addition, mark “print on both sides” as well as “Flip on short edge.”
  4. Ensure the “Orientation” is marked “Landscape.”