Feedback Sought on New Programming Concept

Special Olympics Illinois is looking for family member and additional coach feedback on a new programming concept, the Player Development Model, recently introduced at the Area Fall Coaches Meetings. Take online survey on Player Development Model.

The hope is this participation option will better serve athletes who currently function at a lower ability level, in addition to transitioning Young Athletes. These are athletes not ready for full-fledged SOILL competition. Athletes who may be best suited for this model are individuals who need modification and may be between Motor Activity Training Program and traditional programs due to behavioral challenges or sensory sensitivities.

The Player Developmental Model would offer local challenge opportunities for specific sports. No entry scores would be needed. Athletes would receive a challenge award that would not be place specific and there would be no advancement to State competition. Physical coach assistance would be allowed. Some potential sport and event offerings are:

Team Option: (Basketball)

  • 3 vs 3  / 5 vs 5
    – 1 or 2 player Unified Development Partner – partner should be coach or Unified partner
    – Half-court option – lower hoop, shortened halves, no travel or double dribble calls

Individual Skills Option (Basketball)

  • Coach Assistance
  • Spot shot
    – 1 shot per spot
    – 4 spots
  • 10-meter dribble
    – Time stops regardless if athlete has control of basketball
    – No penalty for illegal dribble
  • Target pass – no change

Individual Sport Option: (Track and Field)

  • 10-meter walk – no gun start with coach assistance
  • 25-meter walk – no gun start with coach assistance
  • Tennis ball throw with coach assistance
  • Permissible to start and finish in different lane
  • Bullpen & Staging access for coaches

If you have comments or ideas to share in regards to the Player Development Model, please take a moment and share your feedback with us by completing a brief online survey.  Thank you in advance for your support.