Mabel Campbell Retiring After 28 Years of Coaching Special Olympics

Not many individuals can say they have committed more than 20 years of volunteer service to one organization, but that’s not the case for Mabel Campbell of Olney.

In fact, Mabel has been volunteering as a Special Olympics coach for 28 years now, having started in 1987 as an assistant coach for the Olney Rebels Special Olympics team.  As an assistant coach, Mabel learned sports rules, techniques for training Special Olympics athletes, and team development strategies, so that she was able to take over as the head coach in 1992.

Now after years of dedication, coaching, and commitment to the Olney Rebels team, Mabel has decided it is time to retire.  Although Mabel’s love and devotion for her athletes will survive beyond her retirement, Mabel will be hanging her hat as head coach.

During her time as head coach, Mabel led the Olney Rebels in team basketball, bocce, bowling, and volleyball.  She has coached World Games athletes, including her daughter, Melissa, and has hosted individual basketball skills competitions for several years.

Mabel couldn’t just turn over the Olney Rebels to just anyone, and after some recruiting, Mabel signed on Hank Ginder of Olney to take on the position for the Olney Rebels starting January 2016.

To celebrate Mabel’s history with Special Olympics Illinois and her outstanding volunteer services, Mabel will honored at the Olney Rebels Annual Holiday Party on Saturday, Dec. 13.

By Vanessa Duncan, SOILL East Central/Area 9 Director