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Special Olympics Illinois athletes, families, volunteers & employees…..lets have some fun together this Sunday for the Super Bowl by joining the Special Olympics Illinois league. Simply click here to join.

Special Olympics Illinois has partnered with a new exciting sports App, called FireFan where you can play along with friends and family for the Super Bowl, live while it is happening. It is family friendly, free to download and free to share with others.

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Play along with the game, share it with other friends and family, predict what a team will do when they get the ball next, win a lot of points and make watching the Super Bowl more fun.  Proceeds from the tokens that you win will benefit Special Olympics Illinois!

We are looking for fans of Special Olympics Illinois to join our team, so register now, then play the game and share it with others. By doing so, Special Olympics Illinois will benefit by receiving a portion of the revenue that is generated by the game. All you need to do at this point is register yourself or go to and enter code SOILL.

Come join our SOILL team!

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