Team Palmer House is Prepared for Takeoff!

Returning again this year, The Palmer House Hotel. They are so excited to return and love this event. Team Palmer House is part of the hotel division for the Plane Pull and has been participating for five years.

Why We Participate

Palmer House Hotel became involved through our team organizer, we were so moved by the environment and the cause we decided to continue participating. We participate continually because of all the various elements that wow us. From the outpouring of participation from multiple municipalities, to the hotels that come together, to the vendors that donate – all for the Special Olympics. We’re happy to represent the Palmer House and hope we bring home a championship trophy once again!

Why We Love Plane Pull

We love the idea of it!  Working together as a UNIT to pull a PLANE!  It’s an incredible concept and to be able to take home the trophy made it even more amazing!

About Yadira Quintanilla

Yadira is the Palmer House team captain and will be going on her third year of participation in the event. Yadira loves participating because of her friends and family are involved in Law Enforcement. She loved the event so much she encouraged her two children to participate alongside her.