Plunger Policies

Refund Policy

Donations made to the Polar Plunge are considered charitable contributions and are non-refundable.

At Home Policy

At Home Plungers are encouraged to be safe with their Plunge At Home choices. Special Olympic Illinois utilizes a professional dive team in the water and emergency responders to ensure the safety of our participants at traditional Polar Plunges. Do not attempt to jump into a lake, river or any other open body of water for the At Home Plunge. Participants should not do anything that could physically harm themselves or others. Special Olympics Illinois is not responsible for any injuries that occur while participating in the At Home Plunge.

Costume Policy

Costumes are always encouraged, but please be respectful of others. Costumes must be appropriate and non-discriminatory.  Videos or images shared of individuals wearing costumes deemed inappropriate or offensive will not be shared.