What’s Provided

  1. Changing facilities are available for participants.  Separate men’s and women’s changing areas are available but spectators are not allowed access.  If an individual needs to be accompanied for a certain reason, please explain to the volunteers at the entrance of the tents to gain access.
  2. We do our best to keep the plunge area at a comfortable depth so that you do not have to go under unless you want to.  Water conditions are never guaranteed, but know that we are trying to make it as painless and fun as possible! (For adults, the water will not go over your head unless you try!)
  3. Trained Dive Team and public safety are at the Plunge site for assistance if necessary.
  4. At registration, Plunge volunteers will have access to all donations made online to your page.  Any donations mailed in to the State office are also included in your total.
  5. Plungers are responsible for bringing all offline donations (cash and checks) to registration so that they can receive credit for those funds.
  6. Please do not utilize third party fundraising pages for your Plunge efforts (Go Fund Me, Facebook Donate Button, etc.). All online donations should be made through your official Polar Plunge fundraising page created during the registration process.

What to Bring

  1. A towel to dry off and warm up with.
  2. Old shoes, aquatic shoes, etc. All Plungers are encouraged to wear shoes to Plunge in. Don’t forget to bring a pair of dry shoes to wear afterwards!
  3. A duffel bag, backpack, garbage bag, etc. It’s a good idea to bring a bag for dry clothes and your Plunge Sweatshirt as well as a plastic bag for your wet clothes after you’ve Plunged.
  4. Dry replacement clothes. After you’re done Plunging, it’s nice to have some warm and dry clothes for the journey home.
  5. Another Plunger. Recruit a friend, family member, co-worker or acquaintance and get them to take the Plunge with you. It’s always more fun with friends!

Safety Tips

  1. All Plungers are encouraged to wear secured footwear – no flip flops!
  2. Do not dive or flip into the water.  This is a safety precaution for all Plungers that is strictly enforced by the Dive Team
  3. We advise you do not Plunge after drinking alcohol. Intoxicated people will not be permitted to Plunge.
  4. Wear a costume that’s appropriate and non-discriminatory. Anyone wearing an offensive costume may be asked to change.
  5. Leave valuables at home or with a spectator. Special Olympics IL is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen.

Miscellaneous Tips

  1. Wear your Plunge costume right under the outfit you wear to the event! That way you do not have to worry about changing and can stay warm longer!
  2. Bring along warm cloths to wear after you Plunge that are easy to put on. The last thing you want to deal with when you are cold and wet are clumsy zippers or buttons.
  3. Carpool. Parking can be crowded, so help us out by coming as a group.  Take advantage of Plunge shuttle services if they are available.
  4. Invite a friend to watch, take pictures and hold onto your dry stuff!