How to Get Involved

How to Get Involved

To get involved with the Law Enforcement Torch Run®, call the Special Olympics Illinois State Headquarters at 1-800-394-0562 or e-mail the Torch Run Liaison, Jim Fitzpatrick.

As an officer, you can collect donations and run in the leg nearest your location. If you prefer not to run, organize a fundraiser or simply raise money for a Torch Run fundraiser. Or, encourage a local business to make a contribution or sponsor a Torch Run event. The Torch Run is one of the best marketing opportunities available. It provides the opportunity to help a worldwide movement, while enhancing the public image of major donors. Via the Torch Run, sponsors can partner with one of the most highly respected groups in the world – law enforcement!

How Can I add A Leg to the Torch Run?

If you are interested in adding a new leg to the Torch Run, please contact LETR liaison, Jim Fitzpatrick at 1-800-394-0562 or email In order to add a new leg the following items must be true:

  • A Leg must not already exist in your area
  • If a Leg does exist close to you, within a 20 miles radius, you will be directed to join or add your agency to that leg.
  • A new Leg should involve at least three to five new departments that are not currently involved in the Torch Run. These departments can include the County Sheriff’s Department or other agencies including States Attorney’s office or other county government agencies.
  • A new leg needs to have the potential of raising $5,000 annual for the Torch Run
  • A Leg Leader and/or Co-Leg Leaders must be identified for the Leg.

What is expected from Participating Departments/Agencies?

  • All Departments are encouraged to set a dollar goal for your department/agency. A goal of $3,000 is encouraged. If you reach this goal you will receive a 1st year achievement recognition award to be presented to you at the Kickoff.
  • Raise funds in responsible manner by selling Torch Run t-shirts, hats, lapel pins, seeking donations or holding fundraising events. Click here to order LETR merchandise.
  • Host a fundraising event involving your local community to help raise funds and awareness for our athletes. If you have an annual community event, such as a founders day or a holiday celebration, consider hosting an event as part of that celebration.
  • If your department is assigned to a Leg in your area, recruit runners to cover your town’s part of the intrastate relay during the week leading up to Summer Games.
  • If your community is in a location where a Leg does not exist within 20 miles, you are encouraged to hold a run within your community to help raise awareness for the LETR and Special Olympics Illinois. Contact LETR liaison, Jim Fitzpatrick for more information.
  • Be responsible with the LETR merchandise. Order conservatively; keep them under lock and key at all times. If you have several people helping you, collect the money before giving them more items. Remember that you are responsible for tracking all merchandise for your department. If you distribute items to another department please make a note of the number of items and date issued. Understand that the items you order are yours to sell. Excess items at the end of the year should not occur. This wastes money that could be going to the program.

Submit all donations within 30 days of an event

  • Convert all cash into a money order or cashier check
  • Complete a Donor Form
  • Mail all donations, completed donor form and raffle tickets to Special Olympics Illinois, Attn: Torch Run, 605 East Willow, Normal, IL 61761