Risk Management and Event Insurance

Risk Management

It is important that Special Olympics Illinois is aware of all upcoming Torch Run Events. This will allow us to help promote your events on our website as well as ensure proper insurance coverage.

To provide insurance please ensure the following items are completed:

What if an Emergency Occurs?

In the event of an emergency such as an illness, accident or death, the situation must be dealt with in a calm manner. The following steps should be used in dealing with emergency situations.

  • Prior to any event, the Department Liaison should assemble a complete list of participantā€™s names, who to contact in case of an emergency and officials to contact to handle an emergency.

If an accident occurs, the Leg Leader shouldā€¦

  1. Get medical help for the injured person(s).
  2. Notify the Illinois Torch Run Senior DirectorĀ George PetersonĀ from Special Olympics Illinois, and State LETR Director Bill Devine at 708-935-0830.
  3. Complete a Special Olympics Incident Report Form and send/fax to Special Olympics Illinois office in Normal.
  4. Allow emergency personnel to handle questions from the media regarding the status of the situation.
  5. The Special Olympics Illinois president should handle all other questions regarding the incident.

If the media or anyone else asks questions that you do not have an answer for, simply say ā€œThat information is not known at this timeā€ and refer questions to a designated spokesperson.