Hiram Brownell Visited 107 Casey’s General Stores to Spread the Special Olympics Mission

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Hiram Brownell visited 107 Casey’s General Stores in the last year.  How many people can say that? After you meet the friendly, long-time Special Olympics Illinois staff and historian, you will understand.

Brownell has been involved with Special Olympics for over 50 years. His rich connection to the organization will always stay close to him.

Earlier this month, Casey’s General Store and Coca Cola teamed up for their annual campaign to benefit Special Olympics running all June long. In June 2018, this campaign sparked an idea for Brownell.

“It started with wanting to spread the word about Special Olympics Illinois, then it turned into a must-stop location on any road trip,” said Brownell.  Hiram traveled from location to location in the 50th Anniversary traveling exhibit, which serves as a moving tribute to the history of Special Olympics.

Beginning in June 2018 and ending a year later in June of 2019, Hiram Brownell visited 107 Casey’s General Stores.

From western Illinois to Indiana, Brownell made it a point to stop into every Casey’s possible. He would introduce himself to the managers, often take a group photo, and thank them for their ongoing support of the Special Olympics mission.

At each location visited he left a Special Olympics 50th Anniversary commemorative pin for each and every employee.

Brownell was not only amazed by the number of Casey’s in Illinois, but the overwhelming support from such a large company.

By traveling across state lines to visit Casey’s General Stores, Hiram Brownell met many Special Olympics supporters, volunteers, families, and friends. Each location Brownell stopped at was left with a little bit of Special Olympics history and legacy to pass along.