SWAGTRON Custom-Designed Electric Bikes Signed by Cubs Manager Joe Maddon

On Friday, March 15, we were part of an exclusive charity event held at the Wrigley Mansion in Arizona, hosted by Chicago Cubs manager, Joe Maddon. This event featured live music, great stories and a charity auction benefiting the Special Olympics (Arizona and Illinois) and Maddon’s own Respect 90 Foundation.

But Maddon brought more than his charm, wit and funny stories with him to the event. He also brought with him one of the more exciting auction items of the night — a custom-designed SWAGCYCLE PRO Electric Bike from SWAGTRON®! But this wasn’t an ordinary SWAGCYCLE PRO. It was a special edition, custom designed and signed by Maddon himself.

SWAGTRON is a brand leader in the micro-mobility rideable industry and has been working with Maddon and the Chicago Cubs. In fact, SWAGTRON® was recently named the official hoverboard, eBike and electric scooter brand of the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field.

“We’re honored to work with Coach Joe Maddon of a world-class organization like the Chicago Cubs in supporting the life-changing work of the Special Olympics,” says Jason Wakefield, SWAGTRON CMO. “It’s difficult to put into words how important and empowering it is to be able to help so many people realize their athletic potential.”

A big part of SWAGTRON’s mission is helping us live our very best #ElectricLife, where we are encouraged to explore, stay energized for the ride and engage with the world around us. And they’re no stranger to working with charitable organizations. Most recently, SWAGTRON® and Cubs Charity joined forces for the “Giving Is Electric” campaign.

Watch SWAGTRON® + Cubs Charity’s “Giving is Electric” video

Check out some of their other products, including off-road hoverboards, kids scooters and commuter solutions. But one of their main products that have caught our eye is their Swagger 5 Elite electric scooter  You’ve probably seen rental e-scooters out and about — usually in various states of disrepair — but SWAGTRON provides an affordable option for those of us who have asked the question, “Why rent when I can own?”

We’re getting smarter about how we get around town. And electric scooters are the next logical step stage in our “micro-mobility” needs. More than that, though, they’re a fun way to get around town without adding to traffic congestion and pollution.

And maybe we can even talk SWAGTRON into donating a couple Swagger 5 Elites to our next auction as well!

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The SWAGCYCLE PRO is the ultimate all-electric, pedal-free riding experience. Featuring a strong, foldable frame and air-filled tires, this eBike packs enough power for quick errands, daily commutes and weekend adventures. With an iOS/Android compatible companion app and USB charging port, you be able to stay connected while riding. These custom designed SWAGCYCLE PRO electric bikes are like no other ebikes out there. They’re the only ones signed by Chicago Cubs manager and legend Joe Maddon.


Chosen as the official electric scooter of the Chicago Cubs, the Swagger 5 Elite is their flagship eScooter. It’s great for casual adventurers, but absolutely essential for campus cruisers and urban commuters. Robust motor. Efficient battery. Ultra-responsive brakes. Getting from A to B couldn’t get more fun than with a Swagger 5. Renting is for rookies. It’s time to step up to the major league!


SWAGTRON has evolved as the forefront brand in electric rideables, from hoverboards to electric bikes, and leaders in the micro-mobility space. SWAGTRON was celebrated for being one of the first brands of electric rideables on the scene to offer UL certification for electrical and charging safety. SWAGTRON continues to expand and improve its line of innovative rideable products to help you live that #ElectricLife. For more information, visit swagtron.com.

Get social with SWAGTRON by visiting @SwagtronUSA on Facebook and Twitter, @SwagtronOfficial on Instagram, or visit their website: www.swagtron.com. And don’t forget to live your best #ElectricLife!