A Mother’s Dedication Can’t Be Frozen

Beth Marshall is no stranger to the Polar Plunge. For a number of years, she has plunged into frigid waters in Fox Lake, Illinois. Why? Her son, Flynn.

Flynn is a Special Olympics Illinois athlete who currently competes with Pioneer Center in McHenry County.

Flynn began his athletic journey at the age of eight with Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association. He started with one sport – track and field. However, to this day, Flynn refers to it as “run and throw.” When he started high school, he was able to compete with the school team. Now, 17 years later he has competed in nine different sports, including powerlifting and his favorite sport – basketball!

Beth began plunging in 2011 – it all started at Richmond-Burton High School where she teaches.

“My first year plunging, I created a school team for students to participate in,” says Beth. “Flynn was a freshman in high school and had become friends with a number of upperclassmen.”

They thought this was a great way to support Flynn.

When the Plunge turned virtual, Beth was determined to lend her support to the cause and to her son. The mother/son pair tag teamed the Plunge At Home — Beth sat in the snow as Flynn poured ice cold water over her head.
“I want to support an organization that is important to our family and community.”

The Marshalls have raised nearly $1,000 to date. You can support their Plunge efforts here, or consider registering for your own Plunge At Home.