One SUPER Family

Special Olympics Illinois athlete Jack Klawitter didn’t just take the Plunge At Home this year…Together with his family, he took the Plunge At Home 24 times. 

Jack’s mother, Brook Klawitter, Special Olympics Illinois Vice Board Chair, and father, Dave, are longtime SUPER Plungers – an extreme version of the Plunge where brave participants camp on the shores of Lake Michigan in Evanston and run into the icy waters on the hour for 24 hours. This would have Brook and Dave’s 11th year of SUPER Plunging in Lake Michigan (and their 12th year plunging).

Jack himself is no stranger to the SUPER Plunge. He started taking 5 Plunges around the age of 9, then gradually upped that to 10 and then 15. He began taking all 24 Plunges in 2019.

“Over the years, people have come to ‘know’ us for SUPER Plunge,” says Brook.

So, when the Plunge turned virtual, they transformed their backyard into their own SUPER Plunge. Each hour came with its own theme and its own set of costumes and props.

Jack’s sisters Sophie and Mary joined in the fun, too.

“Last year Sophie was our 24-hour support person, and this year both of the girls joined us for a number of the plunges.  They have both asked to take all 24 next year.”

They kicked off with a “Family Feud” style video

Other themes included The Wizard of Oz, Field of Dreams, Castaway, and more. All 24 Plunges can be found here.

The Klawitter Family far surpassed their $10,000 fundraising goal. To date, the family has collected nearly $13,000 and hopes to hit $15,000 before the Polar Plunge season ends.

“As a family, we’ve taken over 650 plunges,” says Brook.

Brook feels it’s important for their family to do their part to give back to both Special Olympics Illinois and Law Enforcement Torch Run. 

“Jack isn’t the only one that has benefitted from Special Olympics Illinois,” Brook explains. 

“His benefits may be more obvious, but Dave and I found a family and village to help us raise Jack and the girls. The girls have been as welcomed into Special Olympics as Jack. They have participated alongside Jack, and have learned competitive sports skills, compassion, leadership and more.”

You can support athletes like Jack, and families like The Klawitters, by registering for or donating to the Plunge At Home.