Superman, Batwoman, Wonder Woman, & Captain America Take the Polar Plunge

The Humphrey Family & Whiteside County Sheriff Take the Plunge At Home

For Special Olympics Illinois superheroes and super-supporters, it’s not where you Plunge, or how you Plunge, but that you Plunge.

The Humphrey Family of Morrison, Illinois, used the 2021 to make their Plunge a thrilling adventure.

“We were excited to be creative and plunge together. Supporting Special Olympics Illinois is more important than ever as the athletes get back on the field of play,” says Audrey Humphrey – mother to Special Olympics Illinois athlete Tori Humphrey. “We were giving it our best, so everyone knows how much Special Olympics Illinois means to us.”

On Feb. 4, 2021, Tori, took the Plunge for the first time with her parents and Whiteside County Sheriff John Booker by her side. Her efforts raised more than $2,000, surpassing her initial goal. The four superheroes braved the cold and took their ‘Plunge YOUR Way’ in the snow. 

Audrey credits Special Olympics Illinois for her daughter’s growth.

“Tori has been exposed to activities she would not have been exposed to in a school setting.”

Tori began competing with Special Olympics Illinois in 2010 after a teacher recommended the program. She competes in track and field, softball throw, bowling, and basketball with the Bi-County Bull Dogs.

When asked how Special Olympics Illinois has positively influenced her daughter Audrey explains, “Until you experience the magic of Special Olympics, you do not know what to expect.”

“I will never forget this moment; it was at a bowling tournament in Rockford. A fellow athlete was having a tough time finding where to place his fingers to get a strong grip on the bowling ball. Without hesitation, Tori walks over and shows him how to properly hold the bowling ball. Special Olympics taught Tori what sportsmanship means not only on the field of play but off. It was a beautiful sight to see.”

You can support athletes like Tori by taking the Polar Plunge this season, or by donating to the Polar Plunge. For more information, please visit