Our USA Games Top 10 List

Here are the top 10 things to look forward to at the 2022 USA Games.

This article was submitted Katrina Hassman, from Park Ridge, Illinois. Katrina is a Unified partner and is attending the Special Olympics USA Games as part of the Youth Leadership Experience (YLE). YLE is an opportunity where Unified pairs are placed in a variety of volunteer roles during the USA Games.

10. Mickey Mouse


For the first time ever, the Special Olympics USA Games will not be hosted by a university. Instead, they will be hosted by Mickey Mouse himself at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Who knows? Mickey might even make an appearance at some of the events.

9. Animal Kingdom Family Night


On Thursday, June 9, Animal Kingdom is hosting Family/Athlete Night. Have some fun with friends and family riding your favorite rollercoasters. Try out Expedition Everest if you’re feeling especially brave.

8. The chance to spot celebrities


The USA Games has an all-star lineup of celebrity ambassadors including Andre Dawson, Charli D’Amelio, Jimmy Kimmel, and Matthew McConaughey. Do you think you’ll get to see them in Orlando?

7. Trading pins

Get your lanyards ready! As you meet athletes from all over the U.S, offer to trade some of your delegation’s pins. By the end of the week, your lanyard will be filled with pins from every state.

6. Young Athletes Day

One of the best parts of the USA Games is that EVERYONE can participate. Get ready for the cutest day of the week when 2 to 7-year-old athletes get a day all about them!

5. Unified Sports Experience

Make way for the Inclusion Revolution! #ChooseToInclude by participating in the Unified Sports Experience. Inclusion is Marshmello approved!

4. Closing Ceremony

After all the events have ended, it’s an all-day celebration! Get ready to party and get those dancing shoes on to celebrate an amazing week of competition and fun.

3. The Fan Zone

Have some downtime between competitions? Stop by the Fan Zone! Athletes, friends, family, and fans are welcome to have some fun together at the Fan Zone. You might even spot some celebs here!

2. Opening Ceremony


Let’s start the week off with a bang (or should I say with a flame?) Get loud and cheer on the athletes as the USA Games commence. This is the start of the BEST WEEK EVER!

1. Meeting amazing athletes

The absolute BEST part of the USA Games is all of the people there are to meet. Thousands of amazingly talented athletes will be competing and you get to meet them! Take some time to hear their story and share yours with them. It’s time to #ShineAsOne.

To learn more about #TeamSOILL and the USA Games, please visit www.soill.org/usa-games.