Three new Special Olympics Illinois athletes have decided to take on a new venture this year, and the theme is … ducks! Jeremy Richer, Elliot Richer, and Liz Litvak are three of the newest Darling Duckling team members selling ducks for the 2022 Chicago Ducky Derby.

The Darling Ducklings are a sales team consisting of Special Olympics Illinois athletes. Together, they host Ducky Derby sales events throughout Chicago to try and reach their yearly sales goal. With less than one week to go until the Chicago Ducky Derby, they have officially reached their goal of selling 10,000 ducks and are hoping to continue adding to that total.

Jeremy and Elliot are brothers from Region C. They have been involved in many Special Olympics Illinois sports for the past 19 years. In particular, Jeremy enjoys playing basketball, flag football, volleyball, and soccer, while Elliot enjoys softball, volleyball, track, swim, and snowshoeing. According to their mom, the brothers are never not involved in a Special Olympics Illinois sport.


Liz has been part of Special Olympics Illinois for 12 years. She likes to participate in track and field, tennis, and swimming. She also takes part in Special Olympics Illinois fundraisers like the Illinois LETR Auto Show and Illinois LETR Polar Plunge.

Liz, Jeremy, and Elliot have been enjoying their summer on the Darling Ducklings team. Jeremy and Elliot have been to the Chicago Ducky Derby a few times in previous years to support their Darling Duckling friends, and now they are excited to join in on the duck-selling action.

Being part of Special Olympics Illinois for so many years has meant a lot to each of these three athletes.

What Jeremy enjoys most about Special Olympics Illinois is the opportunity to learn to be a better athlete, especially learning new skills and improving on his current skills. He also has a great time with his teammates.

Elliot really enjoys getting to spend time with his teammates who have become friends. “Elliot’s Special Olympics Illinois teammates have afforded him a real friend group like anyone else his age would have,” says his mom Linda.

Liz says the Special Olympics Illinois Athlete Oath holds great significance for her. “It means to try your hardest but never give up,” she said.

Next week’s 2022 Chicago Ducky Derby starts with Family Festival at Pioneer Court (401 N Michigan Ave.) from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM, featuring fun activities, balloons, a social media station, special appearances, and live entertainment. Then, the main event – Splashdown – is at 1:00 PM off the Columbus Drive Bridge. If you can’t make it to the live event, be sure to watch Fox 32 Chicago’s coverage starting at 1:00 PM CT.

If you’d like to get involved and support our incredible athletes, like Jeremy, Elliot, and Liz, and have the chance to win some awesome prizes, head over to chicagoduckyderby.com to adopt your ducks today!