After a meticulous search, Peter Beale-DelVecchio is the unanimous choice to lead Special Olympics Illinois as its new president and CEO.

Pete’s selection comes with a resounding vote of confidence from the Board of Directors Search Committee, as well as the Board’s Executive Committee and entire Board of Directors.

The search began when Dave Breen, long-time president and CEO, announced his retirement last year.

Pete brings a blend of qualities that will make him an exceptional leader for the Special Olympics Illinois community. He most recently was CEO of Marillac St. Vincent, a not-for-profit in Chicago aiding early-childhood education, youth services, and community outreach. He has demonstrated an ability to foster teamwork, develop strong bonds within teams, and drive impressive results.

During the interview process, the team witnessed Pete’s natural rapport with Special Olympics Illinois athletes, an attribute that touched those involved.

“There is incredible potential within each athlete, and I am dedicated to helping them thrive,” Pete said. “I am excited to support our mission of inclusion and empowerment.”

“Pete was a very good listener and really listened to what the athletes had to say during the interview,” said Colleen Costello, a Special Olympics Illinois athlete from Region J and a member of the Board of Directors. Costello was among the Illinois athletes who were part of the interview process.

Costello noted that Beale-DelVecchio was her favorite candidate during the interviews and happy to learn he was selected as the next president and CEO of Special Olympics Illinois.

Dave Breen will be retiring at the end of the year, while Pete starts in early October. The outgoing and incoming CEOs will work together through December. Once settled, Pete will be traveling across the state to connect with and support the organization’s athletes and families.

Dave’s leadership helped build a foundation for a program that is a national and world leader in the Special Olympics movement. His dedication to the athletes and the mission of Special Olympics Illinois have been unwavering. He will certainly be missed.

“With Pete, we believe we have found the best person to take the torch from Dave to light the way into a new era for Special Olympics Illinois,” said Brook Klawitter, Chair, Special Olympics Illinois Board of Directors. “We look forward to continuing to watch our athletes shine as we build a world of inclusion.”