AEW Unified Rocket League Event

The Event:

AEW Superstars will be partnering up with SOILL Athletes in a 2 versus 2 Rocket League tournament – One athlete & one wrestler will team up to see who the best rocket-powered goal scorer is! Rocket League has been an integral part of our eSports offerings thus far, so there’s no doubt the level of competition will be high caliber. Teams will play a best-of-three series (winner moves on in the bracket). The final will be a best-of-five series to crown our eventual winner.


How to Watch:

We will be live via the SOILL Twitch page.  This is the main platform we are using to promote e-Sports.  Be sure to create an account and follow our page to stay up to date whenever we go live!  You can also watch the competition on our Facebook page, and our eSports website.


Donate Today

Support eSports & the athletes of Special Olympics Illinois by being apart of the fundraising experience! All donations support eSports & on-the-field programming.  You will also be able to donate during the event if you are watching on the SOILL Twitch page.



Sep 19 2020


11:00 am - 2:00 pm


On Line Event
Mac Dougan


Mac Dougan
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