Region B Punt, Pass and Kick

One of the newest and most exciting sports Special Olympics Illinois offers is Flag Football

Punt, Pass and Kick is a recreational event designed to allow athletes to try new football-based skills outside of what is already offered by Special Olympics Illinois.

To get to the stadium, you will want to take N. Fairview Drive to Nike Parkway. Parking will be in the lot on the east side of the football stadium. Teams will not be able to check in until all athletes are present. No outside spectators will be allowed.  Stadium Bathrooms will be available for use.

Athletes will be led, one at a time, to the challenge area.  They will then be able to participate in each skill – Punting, Passing and Kicking.  When they have completed all three skills, they will return to their coach and make room for the next athletes.

Scores will be based on both distance and accuracy. Example: if a participant passes the ball 100 feet, but the ball lands 30 feet to the right of the measuring tape, the final score will be: 100 feet (distance) – 30 feet (accuracy) = 70 feet. No athlete will receive a negative score. The lowest score will be a 0.

The best scores for passing, punting, and kicking will be taken and added together for a cumulative score which will create the athlete’s final score. Example: if athlete scores 40 for punting, 60 for passing and 22 for kicking, the participants final score is 122 (40+60+22).

All equipment will be provided. Coaches are responsible for communicating that there will be no spectators allowed at this event.

Final Divisions will be created after the competition based on final score. Award certificates will be sent to all coaches. There will not be an awards ceremony.

No food or water will be provided. Athletes will be responsible for providing their own water and water bottle.


Masks must be worn: at tournament central, team staging areas, entering the facility to use the restrooms, in the restrooms, staging areas, during the competition and at any time or place when social distancing is not an option. Special Olympics will not be providing masks. Athletes and coaches must bring their own.

To make sure we abide by the 50 person maximum set by the IDPH, parents and spectators are unfortunately not allowed to attend and only registered athletes, coaches and partners are allowed at the event. It is very important you relay to all parents and guardians the importance of only allowing registered persons into the event.

Special Olympics Illinois is committed to providing the best athlete, volunteer, coach and supporter environment possible. While we are excited to resume in-person events, the health and well-being of our constituents remains our top priority. All of our in-person events follow the COVID-19 recommended IDPH and CDC guidelines.


Nov 07 2020


12:00 pm - 5:00 pm




Vernon Hills High School Football Stadium
145 Lakeview Parkway, Vernon Hills, IL 60661
Katelin Zandi


Katelin Zandi
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