Region B Swimming

2022 Special Olympics Illinois Region B Swimming Final Results

COVID Procedures

All participants should self-screen prior to arriving at this event and should remain home if feeling unwell or displaying coronavirus symptoms.

Vaccination is not required to attend in person events.

SOILL will have hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes/spray and other cleaning/sanitizing products on-site.

Special Olympics Illinois has made the decision to not allow spectators at all 2022 SOILL hosted swimming competitions. This decision was made with considerations of all facilities that SOILL uses due to social distancing concerns in the spectator seating space and gym space.

Special Olympics Illinois is committed to providing the best athlete, volunteer, coach and supporter environment possible.  While we are excited to resume in-person events, the health and well-being of our constituents remains our top priority.  All of our in person events follow the COVID-19 recommended IDPH and CDC guidelines. 

Please review the COVID High-Risk fact sheet for more information:


What Is Swimming?

Swimming, which is considered a lifetime activity, is appropriate for a range of ages and abilities. Competition events are based on a variety of strokes.

As in all Special Olympics sports, athletes are grouped into competition divisions according to ability level, age and gender when appropriate.

Athletes in Illinois who participate in swimming compete locally in a Region Qualifier. Gold medal winners from the regions are then eligible to advance to the state championship held at the Summer Games in Normal in June.

Swimming Events Offered in Illinois

  • Backstroke – 25, 50 and 100 Meter
    • Breaststroke – 25, 50, and 100 Meter
    • Butterfly – 25, 50 and 100 Meter
    • Freestyle – 25, 50, 100, 200 and 400 Meter
    • Individual Medley – 100 Meter (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle)
    • Relays – 4X25 Meter, 4X50 Meter, 4X100 Meter Freestyle, 4X25 Meter Medley (Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle

Live Steam Information

Thank you to Lake Forest College athletics for streaming this meet for us. Please use the link below starting at 8:30am to see the athletes in action.


Competition Information

Bullpen Area

Athletes should report to the bullpen area in the main gym when their race number is called over PA system and on the projector screen.  Athletes will be escorted from the bullpen to “on deck “chairs to the pool downstairs by escorts.  All athletes must wear sandals (flip flops, water shoes, etc) and have a towel.  Once they arrive on the pool deck, each athlete will need to put towel & shoes in a waterproof bag (provided by Special Olympics).  Please make sure all personal property is labeled.  After athletes finish the race they will be escorted from the finish area to awards by escort.  


  • Divisions are created to provide a competitive atmosphere for all athletes and are structured so that every athlete/team in the division has a reasonable chance to win during competition
  • Male/Female divisions mean that males are competing with other males of the same age group and females are competing with other females of the same age group
  • Open divisions mean that males are competing with other males of any age group and females are competing with other females of any age group
  • Combined Open divisions mean that males and females of all age groups are competing against each other.
  • As listed in the schedule, divisions were created per Special Olympics Illinois rules:

      For individual sports, divisions should have no more than eight athletes and whenever possible, no less than three.  In team sports, the best practice is to have four team divisions to allow for fair and equitable competition. Do not place more athletes or teams in a division than lanes in the pool or on the track.

8.   Evaluate potential division groupings for competitiveness.  If divisions are not competitive the following adjustments can be made:

  1. Regroup age groups by broadening current age groupings:
    1. 8-13, 14-22, 23-39, 40 and over
    1. 8-15, 16-29, 30 and over
    1. 8-15, 16 and over
    1. 8 and over

            or by completely eliminating all age groups creating “open” divisions.  Once age groups are “open” they should be “open” for all divisions in that specific event. 

  • At any point in time, genders may be combined to allow for competitive divisions.

At any point in time, the standard divisioning percentage may be expanded to include other athletes, maintaining the goal that there is a reasonable chance that the athlete may win that division.  Expand the percentage only when this creates a competitive division as stated above

  • Races may consist of more than one division, but will be awarded separately following each race.

Protests, Disqualification

Certified swim officials will be on deck and athletes will be disqualified for incorrect strokes, turns and finishes according to FINA and Special Olympics Rules. Athletes must stay in their lane until all swimmers have completed their race. Even if an athlete finishes without being disqualified, but then attempts to leave the pool by impeding on another swimmer in their assigned lane before they have finished, the athlete will then be disqualified. We will make every effort to inform coaches on deck and /or athlete of DQ’s immediately following and prior to awards presentation.  Protests must be submitted at the results table on the pool deck prior to the distribution of awards.  Protests may only be filed by THE HEAD COACH.  All decisions of the officials and the rules committee are final.  


At all times athletes are expected to compete to the best of their ability to ensure a quality competition at all levels. Coaches are expected to provide accurate/honest scores of their athlete’s ability.


Please refer to the Special Olympics rules. To stay consistent with the State Tournament, below are guidelines that we will follow each year regarding coaching on the pool deck.

Pool deck will be open to one coach from each team provided there is adequate space at facility.  Coach will be identified with a designated pass, wristband, etc.  This decision will be made by the tournament director at each competition. 

  • Athletes cannot receive physical or verbal assistance from coaches, volunteers or officials.
  • Coaches are not allowed to pace and coach swimmers on deck.
  • Coaches found impeding the progress of the competition, pacing or coaching athletes will be removed from deck and team will forfeit coach on deck privileges. 
  • Assistant starters may be allowed to assist a swimmer during their start if the swimmer has a hearing or vision impairment.
  • Athletes with a visual impairment may use a guide swimmer.  Guide swimmer rules are as follows:
    • Must be provided by athlete’s agency.
    • Must be on pool deck.
    • Must stay behind the swimmer at all times.
    • May only be allowed to give verbal instructions regarding direction.
      • Directions are right, left, straight, etc.
    • No coaching may be done by the guide runner

Timing System

All events will be started and timed electronically.  A back up stopwatch time will also be conducted.  We will use the stop watches as the official time. The time listed on the scoreboard will not always accurately reflect an athlete’s time and place. The Place Picking Official and Stopwatches will be utilized to determine final places if needed.


  • Athletes will only be allowed on pool deck when escorted for their event.
  • Only one registered coach to be on the pool deck at a time.
  • Traffic Flow- around the pool will move clockwise.
  • Diving – Athletes may only dive into the water using the starter blocks.  Diving starts are not allowed in the 25 Meter races.
  • Results – can be obtained at final results table or awards station in Main Gym.
  • Locker Rooms – Are located downstairs near the pool.  If they would like to use them, athletes must be escorted by a coach into the locker room.  Escorts are not allowed to take athletes into locker room before or after race.

Coach Proof

2022 Special Olympics Illinois Region B Swimming Final Divisions

Please see the attached proof and make sure that all athletes are entered into the correct event and have the correct time. All yard times that were submitted have been converted to meter times, as the Lake Forest College pool is in meters. If you have updated times before Friday, March 4, please send those over. Final divisions will be sent out by Wednesday, March 9.

Event Schedule

6:45 – Registration begins

7:00 – 7:30: Group 1 Warmups (optional)

  • Lane 1 – NSSRA (9)
  • Lane 2 – MNASR (6)
  • Lane 3 –Dist 54 (10)
  • Lane 4 –Libertyville Stars (17)
  • Lane 5 –Little City Foundation (7)
  • Lane 6 – North Suburban YMCA (20)

7:30 – 8:00: Group 2 Warmups (optional)

  • Lane 1- Byron Special Tigers (6), Freeport Park District (3)
  • Lane 2-  NWSRA (13)
  • Lane 3- Iddy Biddy Pool School (11)
  • Lane 4- NISRA (26)
  • Lane 5- Team Power (2), SRACLC (4)     
  • Lane 6- Evanston Special Rec (9)

8:00 – Head Coach meeting with officials (Trophy Room)

8:15 – Opening Ceremonies Begins

8:30 – Competition Begins

11:00 – Lunch delivered to teams

Event Order
PDM 25 M
100 M Free
100 M Individual Medley
25 M Free
100 M Breaststroke
100 M Butterfly
50 M Backstroke
25 M Butterfly
25 M Backstroke
200 M Freestyle
50 M Butterfly
50 M Freestyle
25 M Breaststroke
100 M Backstroke
50 M Breaststroke
400M Freestyle
4 X 25 M Medley
4 X 25 Freestyle
4 X 50 M Freestyle

Facility Information

Directions to Lake Forest College Recreation Center

From Chicago — Take I-94 (Edens Expressway) north toward Waukegan. When I-94 splits off toward Milwaukee, stay left on the Edens, which becomes U.S. Route 41. Exit at Deerpath Road, turn right (east) onto Deerpath and continue through the town of Lake Forest and toward the College.

From points North — Take I-94 south from Milwaukee. Just south of the Wisconsin-Illinois line, stay left and follow U.S. Route 41. Exit at Deerpath Road, turn left (east) onto Deerpath, and continue through the town of Lake Forest and toward the College.

From points West & Southwest (including O’Hare Airport) — Take I-294 (Tri-State Tollway), which becomes I-94, north to Illinois Route 60 (Town Line Road). Exit and turn right (east) on Route 60. Continue east to Route 43 (Waukegan Road), turn left (north) for 1/2 mile to Deerpath Road. Turn right (east) onto Deerpath and continue through the town of Lake Forest and toward the College.

Lake Forest
 — Once in Lake Forest on Deerpath Road, proceed east through the business district and across the railroad tracks. Deerpath winds through a residential area and the next stop sign is Sheridan Road, which is the entrance to North Campus. For South Campus and the College’s athletic facillities, turn right (south) onto Sheridan Road, go approximately two-thirds of a mile, and turn right (west) into South Campus on Maplewood Road. The Lake Forest College Sports & Recreation Center (basketball, volleyball, swimming & diving, and handball) will be immediately on your left and followed by Alumni Memorial Fieldhouse (hockey). You can get to the tennis courts and softball field by parking in the main lot and walking between the two buildings. Continue west on Maplewood to Washington Road, turn left, and Halas Hall (Athletic Department offices) is located immediately on your right. Farwell Field (football and soccer) is located behind Halas.


Special Olympics Illinois has made the decision to not allow spectators at all 2022 SOILL hosted swimming competitions. This decision was made with considerations of all facilities that SOILL uses due to social distancing concerns in the spectator seating space and gym space.


Athletes will be escorted to Main Gym for awards presentation. Medals will be presented for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place finishers.  Ribbons will be presented for 4th – 6th place and a participation ribbon will be awarded to disqualified swimmers. Athletes winning a Gold medal at the area meet will automatically qualify for the State Summer Games in Normal, June 17-19.


Lunch will be boxed by team and handed out to the team table.  Lunches are for athletes and coaches at a 4:1 ratio.  Lunch will be served around 11:00 a.m. in main gym.  No food will be allowed outside the Main Gym.

Who We Are

Special Olympics is a global organization that unleashes the human spirit through the transformative power and joy of sport, every day around the world.  Special Olympics Illinois is a not-for-profit organization offering year-round training and competition in 18 sports for more than 23,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities and 13,000 Young Athletes ages 2-7 with and without intellectual disabilities.  Special Olympics transforms the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, allowing them to realize their full potential in sports and in life.  Special Olympics programs enhance physical fitness, motor skills, self-confidence, social skills and encourage family and community support.


Mar 19 2022


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