Unified Champion Schools Virtual Fitness

The Special Olympics Illinois UCS team is taking Unified Fitness virtual this year!

Participating in Virtual Unified Fitness qualifies as participating in a Unified Sport within the Unified Champion Schools Strategy.

We will be offering a total of 5 sessions throughout the year. Each week schools will receive 5 work outs:

  • 2 Pre-Recorded Workout Videos
  • 2 Written Workouts
  • 1 Invite to a Live Workout that will be recorded and shared.

In addition to these great weekly workouts, schools that register and turn in a roster of participating students with a 1:1 ratio (1 SOILL Athlete to 1 SOILL Unified Partner) will receive equipment kits to give out to the students on their rosters!  Rosters must have the 1:1 ratio or they will not qualify to receive the kits.

These kits contain:

  • A Jump Rope
  • 4 Small Dome Cones
  • A 5 lb Resistance Band
  • A Deck of Cards
  • A Pair of Dice
  • A Step Tracker
  • A Cinch Backpack

To receive the kits, the roster needs to meet the following criteria in addition to the 1:1 ratio:

  • All Athletes on the roster must have a valid Medical Application and Virtual Waiver on file with Special Olympics Illinois
  • All Unified Partners on the roster must have a valid Unified Partner Class A and Virtual Waiver on file with Special Olympics Illinois
  • All Contacts or Coaches registering a roster must have a valid Coach Class A and Virtual Waiver on file with Special Olympics Illinois

The Session Dates for Unified Fitness are:

Session 1: September 20th – October 30th

Session 2: November 1st – December 18th

Session 3: January 17th – February 26th

Session 4: February 28th – April 2nd

Session 5: April 4th – April 30th

Looking to get started? 

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Tune in to the SOILL Unified Champions Schools Facebook page or the Special Olympics Illinois Twitch page every Monday at 3:30pm to join us for a live workout!

We invite all athletes, coaches, family and friends to break a sweat with us! Workouts are designed to challenge every ability level and exercise modifications will be shown.