Virtual Unified Fitness

The Special Olympics Illinois UCS team is taking Unified Fitness virtual this year!

Participating in Virtual Unified Fitness qualifies as participating in a Unified Sport within the Unified Champion Schools Strategy.

We will be offering a total of 5 sessions throughout the year. Each week schools will receive 5 work outs:

  • 2 Pre-Recorded Workout Videos
  • 2 Written Workouts
  • 1 Invite to a Live Workout that will be recorded and shared.

In addition to these great weekly workouts, schools that register and turn in a roster of participating students with a 1:1 ratio (1 SOILL Athlete to 1 SOILL Unified Partner) will receive equipment kits to give out to the students on their rosters!

These kits contain:

  • A Jump Rope
  • 4 Small Dome Cones
  • A 5 lb Resistance Band
  • A Deck of Cards
  • A Pair of Dice
  • A Step Tracker
  • A Cinch Backpack

To receive the kits, the roster needs to meet the following criteria in addition to the 1:1 ratio:

  • All Athletes on the roster must have a valid Medical Application and Virtual Waiver on file with Special Olympics Illinois
  • All Unified Partners on the roster must have a valid Unified Partner Class A and Virtual Waiver on file with Special Olympics Illinois
  • All Contacts or Coaches registering a roster must have a valid Coach Class A and Virtual Waiver on file with Special Olympics Illinois

The Session Dates for Unified Fitness are:

Session 1: September 20th – October 30th

Session 2: November 1st – December 18th

Session 3: January 17th – February 26th

Session 4: February 28th – April 2nd

Session 5: April 4th – April 30th

We will be reviewing this information further during our Welcome Back Webinars! Be sure to join us then and bring your questions.

Looking for even more information? Register Today for our Unified Fitness Webinar taking place on September 9th at 3:15pm

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Sep 20 2020 - Oct 30 2020


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