Zinyra “Z” Ross

Athlete Board Member & Global Messenger

Zinyra “Z” Ross has lived two distinct lives. The first, she was isolated by severe cognitive disability and bullied. In her present life, Z is a confident and courageous role model. Z was raised to embrace life challenges and create her own path. At 13 years old Z began volunteering and working at Brookfield Zoo Chicago Zoological Society. This became and continues to be a non-traditional means of education for Zinyra, while she continues to work there. Zinyra also works at United Airlines as a Special Olympics Illinois service ambassador, she is one of the first to be hired in this position (UA4). Z is a Special Olympics Illinois athlete, leader, global messenger, Board of Director member and DEIB board member for Special Olympics Illinois. As well as a Artisan and innovative entrepreneur.

As a member of the DEIB Board. I know access to resources are vital to know what adequate accommodations are needed for people with disabilities like me. I will continue to help others grow into a world where our ideas are welcomed, valued needed and necessary.