Board of Directors

The role of the Board and its Directors is to lead, nurture and oversee the organization as well as being the body the President/CEO answers to and works with. The Board is a consistent body that continues to change over time in the makeup of its Directors. The consistency comes from the Board’s role and acceptance of providing the stewardship to the organization to ensure long-term and continued success.



Board Expectations and Responsibilities

To enable the Board of Directors of Special Olympics Illinois to operate in an effective and efficient manner and to provide a positive and fulfilling Board experience, each Board Member is asked to fulfill broad expectations and responsibilities and to provide a positive and fulfilling Board experience. SOILL Management and Leadership Team are expected to provide broad support to assist Board members in contributing to the success of SOILL. General areas include:

  1. Fiduciary/Policy and Oversight of Organization
    • Provide leadership and vision.
    • Provide strategic and thought leadership.
    • Provide input on evaluation of CEO.
    • Ensure organization makes progress towards annual goals.
    • Maintain a current Class A Volunteer Form/Protective Behaviors.
  2. Board Meeting and Committee Participation
    • Attend at least seventy-five percent of Board Meetings.
    • Prepares for meetings and contributes to conference calls, pre-meeting work and actively contributes to discussions, seeks solutions to challenges and provides input into recommendations.
    • Participates in ad hoc meetings.
    • Contacts Board member or committee chair if meeting was missed.
  3. Fundraising Participation
    • Annual donation to respective capabilities.
    • Fundraising event participation/attendance.
    • Attending Staff/Board Member fundraising calls.
  4. Event Involvement/Attendance
    • Attends at least one full day of one state competition per year.
    • Attends at least one area event per year.
    • Attends at least one activity that supports the efforts of the Committee to which you are assigned.
    • Provides leadership to one event or initiative.
  5. Ambassadorship
    • Articulates and communicates Special Olympics mission.
    • Utilizes social and professional networks to create new opportunities for the organization.
    • Fosters good communication with leadership of SOILL.
    • Identifies prospective Board Members.
    • Mentors new Board Member(s)
  6. Educational & Informational
    • An orientation program will be conducted annually.
    • A mentor will be assigned to new Board Members.
    • Educational programs will be provided on an ongoing basis in areas such as: Strategic Plan, Bylaws, Insurance, Revenue/Expenses/Balance Sheet, Class A/Protective Behaviors, and Board Retreats.
    • Informational topics will be advised via: Board Meetings, emails, electronic media.
    • Professional development opportunities.