Coaches Training

A15 CTS SoftballWhy It Is Offered

The Coaches Education system was developed by Special Olympics Inc. to improve the training experience for Special Olympics coaches.  Through coaching education and certification, coaches are able to enhance their skills while helping athletes reach their sport potential.

Training Options

The system was designed with options for individuals with and without sport experience.  Depending on the coaching background, a training program is available to fit an individual’s coaching needs.

Basic Education Courses and Resources:

Certifications are valid for four years from the training date.

Why Become Certified?

Completion of coach certification for each sport is highly recommended but not yet required.  However, the Coaches Education System is also a means of tracking certification and rewarding those who continue their sport education.  Coaches interested in serving as a USA Games or World Games coach for Team Illinois or Special Olympics USA must be certified in the sport they are applying for.

Contact Us

Carolyn Cronin – Director – Coach & Health Services – 920-988-2838

Upcoming Certified Coach Training Opportunities

Special Olympics Illinois offers various training opportunities throughout the year and across all parts of the state.  Many opportunities specifically target coaches but there are also activities that offer opportunities to athletes.  The following is a list of upcoming training opportunities in the state:

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