Center of Excellence


Coming in early 2025, Special Olympics Illinois is excited to announce the digital Center of Excellence (COE).

The COE is a simple and straightforward online portal for Special Olympics Illinois athletes, coaches, circle of care, and volunteers to get registered quickly, efficiently, and easily communicate in real time.

More information will be coming soon to all of those involved, and Special Olympics Illinois staff will be working with agencies and other groups to provide training as we implement this new system.

What You Can Expect from the COE

  • Athletes will be empowered to complete their own registration
  • The COE allows parents, coaches, circle of care, and others to help athletes manage their own profile.
  • The COE will significantly improve the user experience when registering for Special Olympics Illinois programming.
  • The Waiver, Release and Medical Forms forms still need to be completed, but the COE streamlines the completion of these forms, provides real-time updates of approvals, and provides reminders when the forms will expire.
  • Coaches can expect the COE to improve the registration experience, help manage personal and athlete profiles, improve registration efficiency, and streamline forms
  • The COE portal can be accessed from any device including iPhone, Android, tablet, and computer.

Special Olympics Illinois is always looking for ways to enhance the experience of being a part of this community, which is why this online platform was designed.

More information will be available soon and this page will be updated as information is available.