Corporate Support


Our organizations and the people in them are more alike than different.

If your company values teamwork and perseverance, diversity and inclusion, health and well-being, and the constant pursuit of excellence, then we have a lot in common!

Explore the many ways in which your organization can celebrate our shared values and enrich your corporate culture through the joy and power of a relationship with Special Olympics Illinois!


Special Olympics Illinois is a volunteer-centric organization!  Volunteers enable us to provide the quality programming we do at more than 200 events each year for over 23,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities and 20,000 Young Athletes with and without intellectual disabilities.

From participant registration to coaching sports, and everything in between, we rely on the enthusiasm of extra hands to give our athletes the quality experience they deserve.  Area experts in the professional community are of particular value to Special Olympics Illinois. If you are interested in learning more about volunteerism at Special Olympics Illinois, click here.

Employee Resource Groups

Does YOUR organization “Choose to Include”? Are you doing everything possible to recruit and support a truly diverse workforce? Special Olympics Illinois works closely with corporate ERGs, BRGs, and Affinity Groups throughout the state to elevate cultural competency, promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and serve as a resource.

A variety of programs to educate and motivate are available to your company and its employees. For more information, contact Amanda Spies at

Powerful, Inspirational Speakers

Is your organization focusing on overcoming challenges?  Are your employees joyful in their work?  Is team building a major initiative for your firm, or are you longing for some kind of cultural transformation within your company?

Special Olympics Illinois athletes are subject matter experts in these areas!  Our Global Messenger Program® affords our athletes the training to serve as representatives at a variety of functions.  On average our 150 Global messengers reach an audience of 45,000-60,000 people each year.

If you are seeking out non-traditional thought leaders to impart a positive message to your organization, please contact Amanda Spies at


Special Olympics Illinois engages companies and organizations in meaningful ways in order to connect them with our constituents – athletes, families, coaches and volunteers – as well as the general public who support our initiatives at our fundraising events throughout the year.

Partnership opportunities include the reach and efficiency of measured media, the goodwill of cause marketing, the local relevance of grassroots partnerships, and the benefits of associating with volunteerism and sports events. From statewide partnerships, sports competitions, signature events or health and wellness initiatives, sponsors can choose from a variety of packages to find the best fit.

Please contact Amanda Spies, at to discuss partnership opportunities.

Executive Champions

It has been suggested that up to 95% of Fortune 500 CEOs played college sports, and in a survey of 821 high-level executives, Ernst & Young found that 96% of female executives at the C-Suite level credit sports for contributing to their success in business!  More often than not, people who are successful in business first learned leadership skills on the field, or in the gym.  Some things are universal.  Our athletes train and compete year-round to win, but they also learn about teamwork, determination, and the constant pursuit of excellence… the very same values that catapult organizations to “Best Place to Work in…” status.

You have the ability to champion those values… and to make some champions at the same time!  Harness your sports passion and direct that enthusiasm, and your resources, to provide critical support for one of our eighteen incredible sports programs.

Let us show you how your investment can have a positive impact on athletes throughout Illinois, or right in your backyard.  Make it possible for children and adults with intellectual disabilities to learn and grow through competitive sports just like you did.  Be an Executive Champion!

Contact Amanda Spies at or 872-270-3251