LETR Resources Guide

Each year law enforcement personnel who attend our LETR Kickoff Conference receive our annual LETR Kickoff Book. This book serves as a resource and guide for all active LETR departments and/or agencies.  In an effort to make information more accessible to our volunteers, Special Olympics Illinois will be providing an electronic version of this book. Please click the sections below to access our available resources.

For additional questions please contact Jim Fitzpatrick at 1-800-394-0562.

Section 1 – Torch Run Background & History

  1. What is the Law Enforcement Torch Run
  2. 2017 Law Enforcement Torch Run Goals
  3. Where the Money Goes
  4. Torch Run History
  5. Torch Run/Special Olympics Illinois Fact Sheet
  6. 2018 Torch Run Calendar

Section 2 – Special Olympics Background

  1. Special Olympics Illinois Fact Sheet
  2. Special Olympics Illinois Reach Report
  3. Young Athletes Fact Sheet
  4. Unified Champion Schools Fact Sheet
  5. Law Enforcement Family Outreach
  6. 2018 Special Olympics Illinois Spring Games Calendar
  7. Special Olympics Illinois Region List and Map
  8. Tax Exempt Letters (501 C 3)
  9. Certificate of Insurance
  10. Global Messenger Request Form

Section 3 – Torch Run Structure and Recruitment

  1. Torch Run Structure & Job Descriptions
  2. What is Expected from Participating Departments/Agencies
  3. How Can I add a Leg to the Torch Run
  4. Torch Run State Committee Contact List
  5. Inactive Law Enforcement Agencies

Section 4 – Risk Management

  1. Risk Management and Safety Issues
  2. Special Event Notification Form
  3. Incident Report Form and Instructions

Section 5 – Special Events/Fundraising Ideas

  1. Formula For a Successful Torch Year
  2. Fundraising Ideas
  3. Coca Cola
  4. Dunkin’ Donuts
  5. Torch Run License Plate Information
  6. Torch Run Sponsorship Matrix
  7. Torch Run Budget Relieving In-Kind Needs
  8. Torch Run Fundraising Event Best Practices
  9. Sample Donation Request Letter

Section 6 – Public Relations

  1. Publicity Ideas
  2. Law Enforcement Torch Run Q&A
  3. Sample – Statewide Press Release
  4. Torch Run Leg Routes
  5. Language Guidelines

Section 7 – Administration

  1. Revenue Collection Procedures
  2. 2017 Torch Run Top Department List ($5,000 and above)
  3. Where do we rank internationally?
  4. 2017 Revenue Report
  5. 2017 Torch Run Totals by Department
  6. Torch Run Money 5 Year Historical Department Report

Section 8 – Materials

  1. Torch Run Donor Form
  2. Torch Run Runner/Volunteer Registration Form
  3. Torch Run Participant Waiver
  4. Torch Run Merchandise Order Form
  5. Torch Run Merchandise Return Form
  6. Flame of Hope Award Form
  7. 2018 LETR Incentive Order Form
  8. 2018 Under Armour Run Shirt Order Form
  9. Special Olympics IL & Torch Run Logo guidelines