Region D

Region D provides programming for people in the city of Chicago.

There are many opportunities available for you to get involved with Special Olympics including serving as a volunteer or committee member, helping with fundraising or competing as an athlete. If you live in the Region and want to find out more about the local program, please contact one of the staff members listed below.

Region D is a partnership between Special Olympics Illinois, the Chicago Park District, Chicago Public Schools and Special Children’s Charities.

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Region D Team

Office Location

820 W Jackson Blvd, Ste. 330
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: 773-278-2178

Region Partners

Chicago Park District

Special Olympics Program
4434 S. Lake Park Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60653
Phone: 312-747-6274

Chicago Public Schools

Special Olympics Program
Sports Administration
54 N. Hermitage
Chicago, Illinois 60612
Phone: 773-534-0770

Upcoming Events

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