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“Star Champions” Special Olympics Illinois Ambassadors come from the worlds of sport, music, entertainment, media, philanthropy and government and have all given their support to Special Olympics Illinois to help raise awareness and resources for the important work Special Olympics is doing every day. By creating public awareness of the movement, supporting the expansion of sports, health and education programs, and helping to mobilize resources, Special Olympics “Star Champions” demonstrate a clear commitment to making a real difference in today’s world.

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Biography: Mulenga and Emily have known each other since the beginning of their high school careers.  Emily enjoys spending her time in one of her school’s special education teacher’s classroom.  Making friends with each other was quite easy for both of them because they are both quite social butterflies and love making new friends.

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Mulenga is great at making friends by seeking out interest from the people she talks to so they bonded fast.  Emily was a part of the a community service club that focuses on peers with special needs in her school.  They put on events such as prom, birthday celebrations, bonding events, homecoming parade, and more where Mulenga and Emily’s friendship strengthened.  We are looking forward to celebrating together to create more events in our school that promote inclusion and bringing ideas to our school and community.

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